13 March 2011

A Journey to Eastern Uganda: Part 1

The bus ride to Mbale took me though dry farmlands, swamps that had caused sinkholes in the road, and dusty, poor homes made of grass and mud. Mbale is a fairly organized, clean city (when compared to the disheveled, greasy, cramped Kampala.) I felt happy to be in a new place, exploring and seeing everything as new and exotic.

A taxi took me for a 45 minute tour of Mbale, we drove around, honking and yelling at people to get on our taxi. They must send retired taxis to Mbale cause there were enormous holes in my taxi and as far as i could tell, my chair was no longer connected to the vehicle. I can't complain too much since during that long run around the city, they also took me to the market to pick up carrots before heading into the village.

After the taxi ride, there was a 20 minute walk in blazing sunshine to my friend's secondary school contentedly seated in a valley of the mountains around Mt. Elgon...


  1. I MISSED THIS????
    it looks absolutely 'postcard'
    NEXT TIME...
    there will be one~
    con carino, be good

  2. More! More!
    Part II ??????
    ...and i would really like to know
    more about the carrots...
    Is Lugandan spoken in Mbale, eastern uganda?
    same foods?
    yummmmy mangoes, advocadoes, pumpkin...
    the weather?
    the weather here in Texas is how
    it was in Kisubi before i left...
    cool mornings,
    warm days,
    cool evenings...
    where's the button marked 'HOLD' ?!
    wish you were here now now.
    con carino, be good.