18 March 2011

Does this mountain have a peak?

This job is an uphill journey.

I've been doing life skills for two years. That doesn't mean I'm an expert. It means it's been a Long journey in "peace corps" time.

My class yesterday evening was on HIV Transmission. We go over the 4 main fluids and the "Doors" by which those fluids enter our bodies. After the general HIV/AIDS information, we have an activity called "Take A Stand." I read common myths and participants stand under "True" and "False signs.

It was a struggle to dissuade the participants from believing that you can get HIV from bewitching, to encourage them to question the hearsay that a preacher said he had HIV and then was cured after he prayed.

I was relaxed in my explanation of why mosquitoes don't transmit HIV and I think I was rational and calm in discussing why a person who has TB or chronic diarrhea does not mean they have HIV/AIDS.

However, towards the end of the two-hour session I felt all the energy drain out of me. The energy to politely share information. Thankfully I have a great co-facilitator who, instead of endlessly debating what we believe, he was able to focus our conversation on the ways we can help people protect themselves from HIV.

The experience put my COSing feet right back on the ground.

1 comment:

  1. you're wonderful~
    yes, it does have a peak
    you 'reached' it...
    but not until "all the energy"
    drained out of you,
    stepping to the side,
    'sharing' the climb!
    you're wonderful!
    i recall a couple of months ago
    attending the celebration of your
    college life skills class 'graduation'.
    i was so touched with the stories
    of all of your student's experiences
    with the life skill classes, but in particular one young man who mentioned
    how he never thought he could stand, speak, or let alone sing in front of a group of people, yet, he had sung a solo at the Mass earlier that day...And we were at the Mass to hear him sing!!
    I would never have guessed it was his first public appearance, or solo.
    He sang beautifully!
    His smile and joy contagious~
    Yes, there is a peak,
    and so many more mountains to climb!!
    i love you~
    con carino, be good