19 January 2010

Hola Pennys

Just a quick note to say happy birthday tio vincent and lucas!
How does it feel to be a year older? Lucas! can't hardly believe youre 16. What in the world! I think it means that i'm.... well, let's just say in my twenties.. ;)

Happy Day to you both!


I started the life skills workshops at the university and have really enjoyed getting a Ugandan perspective on things. Though some perspectives are a little hard to accept/process/digest.
Cant write too much right now, but Uganda is doing well, trying to win the battle of who can hold out longest in the January heat, but i think i'm gonna win.

07 January 2010

Camel ride to tour the pyramids at Giza

At the pyramids/sphinx at Giza

At The Blue Hole in Dahab, on the Gulf of Aqaba

Lookin for pretty rocks in Dahab

5 am sunrise on the top of Mt.Sinai

Celeste on top of a mountain

Near St.Katherine's Monastery at the bottom of Mt.Sinai

Biblioteca Alexandrina

A great welcome back