18 January 2009

Warm Sunny Sunday

Its so warm today! The sun feels good and i'm itching to go hiking. I've gotten better at knitting. Still practicing, but its easier to hold the needles and yarn! Its the little things that seem to bring the sunshine! 
I've been getting my list of last minute to-do items before i leave, like:
1. Get a sturdy addressbook 
2. Pack up my room !
3. Review the new language 
4. Say goodbye
5. Get my financial standing in order
6. Get a haircut

And the list goes on forever, so i'll spare you. 

06 January 2009

January Before the Trip

I have gotten the final approvals to go to Uganda. And the trip seems to be coming much faster now that it is 2009. But even though i will be leaving in about a month (gulp) i think i'm in a small nexus of coming and going, so i'm kinda at a standstill. A little weird. 

I am working back at the school, helping out with creating brochures and enhancing the alumni network. I'm having a nice time, since its a second home to me anyway.