28 December 2009

Nightwalking in Sinai

Amber and i left Dahab at 11 pm and arrived at St. Katherine's Monastery (bottom of Mt.Sinai) around 1:30 am. We started walking and soon realized we were under dressed. It was Cold! The walk took about two and a half hours and there was a long procession of lights before and after me as groups of 10-15 made their pilgrim's way up the mountain. What a sight. Amber said it was like fairies floatin around the mountain. It was so dark and there were millions of stars, lots of twinkling and even those showy shooting stars.

I wish i could describe the walk up the canyon better. There were stars bursting everywhere. They made the outline of the mountains, some of which were trying to blend in with the sky while the others had moon shadows defining their peaks and edges. The dancing in the sky was mixing with the gravel sounds of all our feet. It was a full night.

When we had almost reached the top, the gravel pathway ended and the "Steps of Penitence" began. Hundreds of steps put in by a monk of St. Katherine's. The sleepless night was worth the effort to see the sun rise pink and orange and red over the morning mountains.

When we climbed back down we walked around the very old monastery. There were beautiful paintings and ornaments decorating the chapel. And an enormous inlaid tortoiseshell altar. Lots of people in lots of languages saying "Ooh" and "Aah."

Welcome Little Laylah! Happy five days old~

24 December 2009

Happy Christmas XO

I'm with my dear amiga amber in cairo, getting ready for the bus to Sinai where we will be spending christmas 2009. I'm so happy to be with her, adventuring and laughing and seeing sights. But my little heart aches for family, dallas, midnight mass hopping and christmas lights. Thankfully she loves talking "family" so thats what we've been doing for the whole trip. "What in the world, thats a mummy." "Oh yeah, speaking of egyptian mummies, my mom is the best." Etc.

So this blog post is to say Merry Merry Christmas family. I love you and am missing you. I'm carrying you in my heart through egypt and back to uganda. You guys go everywhere with me! I hear those voices throughout the day and have a happy chuckle to know we can stay so close even while being far away.

con amor

19 December 2009

I've Been Lost

Snaps of a Murchison Park Adventure

Been a while since posting. When i don't see one of my Ugandan friends in a while they say "You've been lost." or "Obuuze."

Merry Christmas guys. Its nice and warm here. Doesn't feel like the holidays, which is good and bad. Its not texas cold so there's no bundling up and drinking warm chocolate milk. But theres also not commercial pressure to shop til you drop and thats a wonderful feeling of freedom!

I went to Murchison Park, in the northwestern part of Uganda. And it was such an adventure. An adventure i would be more than happy to re-do if anyone out there would like to come and visit me in this green green country. You're most welcome!(as they say here.)

I've made a new friend named Valentino. He's five and talks to me non-stop in Luganda. I try to follow the conversation as best as possible, but most times i have to resort to making the agreement/disagreement/shock/amusement sound i think he's looking for. He's such a happy little boy and Pauline's new best friend (yes, i'm a little jealous.)And whereas Pauline was very shy when she first met me, never ventured too far into my house and would fidget anytime i got too close to her, Valentino is an explorer/adventurer and talks to me like we've known each other forever (in Luganda unfortunately.)I've really enjoyed playing with those two recently.

16 December 2009

happy 20th beanie

I love you martin, i hope you have a great celebration in 10 days!
all my neighbors wish you the best too~