04 April 2011

GLOW day in Kisubi

I loved the way all of the university students kept peeking in to see what we were doing. As i was walking around trying to keep the day organized, students kept stopping me asking what was going on. "Why are there primary students at the university?" "What kind of game are you guys playing?" The rest of the students would just look on for a while as we played our games, i think with a little bit of envy as they entered their classroom for a 2-hour lecture.

We had 5 schools participate with 20 students from P4 to P7. I think one school must have misunderstood the qualifications; when i saw the youngest arrive, i thought she had just come along to escort her big sister to Camp. She was 9 years old and did great keeping up with the 12 and 13 year olds during our activities.

We started out with "Big Booty", a game the girls love playing if only for the name! After a few other "Get-to-Know-You" activities, we started with our sessions. The day was full! The usual fare of Self-Esteem, Goals and Women's Health information. The counselors (a mix of university students and primary teachers) gave them plenty to do, so the day flew by and suddenly it was 5:30.


  1. Celeste!
    how fun...
    just a 'little' shake of the globe,
    to get people's attention.
    how fun for the girls to be on a university campus~
    i hope it is some fuel for the future!!
    keep pressing too many keys,
    will come back to 'visit' tomorrow,
    time for slumber...
    con carino, te amo

  2. soooo,
    i must have been really, really tired...
    i do remember thinking how fun for the girls to
    be on university grounds as much as for the university students!! the other half of my comments...no memory of what i had written!
    i bet your 9 year old 'camper' is still
    talking about her day at the university!!
    i can only imagine the 'whirlwind' of activities you are trying to complete, or leave in capable hands...i know you are 'living' this right now,
    but for written word sake~
    hand out all the smiles,
    share as much laughter,
    give as many hugs,
    listen to their dreams,
    take pictures,
    take walks,
    give yourself moments to dig,
    and at the end of these
    special days in Uganda,
    thank God,
    for all He created,
    out of love,
    and for all you have,
    for all you have been able to give...
    for all you will carry back...
    because His love abounds
    in hearts opened to each other's needs~
    these girl's hearts have been touched
    and will never stop 'glowing'...
    thank you for being you~
    WEBALE! Mi Muwala Wange
    con carino, be good~